While ServiceNow AWS discovery occurs, the discovery is responsible to discover and populate the OS images  from AWS console which are owned by the User but the Discovery will not gather the information of Public images.

In case of need to use the Public images to configure for provision, the user need to manually add the Public Image to Cloud Management  OS templates.

The procedure from documentation to "Add an AWS public image to Cloud Management"

Add a Public Image to Cloud Management using above procedure will only create the OS template with Image but it will manually create the Datacenter relations, this article is to demonstrate on how to add the image along with relations.


  • Log into the instance
  • Impersonate with the user having access to create new OS Profiles  (cmp_admin)
  • Navigate  >> Cloud Management >> Cloud Admin Portal >> Manage >> Resource Profiles 
  • Profiles >> OS Profile >> NEW >> Once create new we can see "OS Profile Mappings" in related links.


  • Click  New to create a new 


  • Fill the Cloud Account and Location as per the requirement 
  • Click on Magnifier for "Image Template"

  • Click "New" to add Public Image.


  • Fill the "Object ID = AMI ID" and Name as per the requirement 
  • Submit 
  • Refer to "" and in the name field  search for the newly added Image 
  • Open the newly added Image and you can find the relations are auto-populated








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