When creating a new change, the option for License Change Project should become visible at the affected CI. The plug-in has been activated but the option is not visible.

General Information

Below are the steps you can perform to validate if the plugin is activated successfully or not.
1) Create Change request of type Emergency
2) Chose any CI
3) Fill the asignment group
4) Save the form
5)Open Affected CIs related list --> click on the cog wheel & add xml column.
6) Right click on the CI --> Proposed change
7) Proposed change form will open
8) Change any thing on the form --> press on "Saved Proposed Change"
9) XML field related to the CI that I just propoed a change to will be added
10) Move the state so that an Approval gets generated.
11) On the top of the form will get the message "A proposed change to one or more affected CI's may change software license costs. A license change projection has been initiated."
12) Reload the form after 2 min.

-> The section "License Change Projections" will be visible in the form include the projection cost.


Additional Information

Please refer below documentation for more details:

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