From a list view, a column search wipes out the current filter conditions.  Example:

  1. Navigate to [incident.list] and open any incident
  2. Right-click 'state' field and select 'Show choice list'
  3. Perform a column search (ex: search incident in state column)

Notice the rest of the filter is removed.


This was only reported in London.  Performing the example above in the latest platform version (Madrid) does not encounter the same issue


Finding any list with a similar javascript call seems to cause the issue.  No PRB has been opened since it seems like a minor regression which is not reproducible on current platform version.


On affected versions, users can avoid the issue by expanding the condition builder and apply the search in the filters instead of using column search.

Additional Information

This has a similar behavior to the following PRB which also began in London

PRB1318504 - When filtering a list on date fields and string text columns at the same time, the date filter gets removed from the list condition builder.

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:55:26