CAB definition with a lot of picklist/ dropdowns in condition builder causing performance issue

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to "CAB definition" table list.
2. Open any "CAB definition" record/ create new with a lot of conditions in condition builder having a drop-down.
For Example: Type > is > Standard || Risk > is > Moderate || Category > is > Network etc.
Make at least 10-12 dropdown/ picklist type conditions.
3. Save the form.
4. If Record is in "Global" application then keep "global" or else if it is in "Change Management - CAB workbench" application, change the application to "Change Management - CAB workbench" so that record loads in edit mode.
The issue is only visible when the record is opened in edit mode and not read-only.
5. If on chrome, keep the "Network" tab in "Inspect" open and reload the page.
Observe the behavior of "xmlhttp" requests generating for picklist.
They are getting triggered sequentially.
If there are too many requests and the server is slightly slower then this leads to a huge performance issue.


As a workaround, remove the condition builder from the default view and create a 'with conditions' view used when you need to modify the conditions.

This will cause the conditions not to load when users are viewing the record normally thus eliminating the impact of this issue.

Related Problem: PRB1330826

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