In Jakarta the text for some activity types, such as emails, is not being displayed right-to-left. For example, the 'Subject:', 'From:', 'To:', etc, are still being displayed on the left, not the right. Please see attached 'Hebrew Jakarta - Text wrong way around.png'.

In Kingston, not only is the above still happening but the text is also not in Hebrew, but English instead. The 'Filter navigator' is also displaying the Applications and Module names in English, not Hebrew. Please see attached 'Hebrew Kingston - Test wrong way around AND in English.png'

Steps to Reproduce

1) In Jakarta and Kingston enable Hebrew plugin.
2) Check 'Email sending enabled' in System Properties > Email Properties.
3) Navigate to an open Incident record and send an email.
4) Refresh record and review the Activities stream and compare to attached screenshots.


No workaround available

Related Problem: PRB1272370

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