By default, when a licensed user logs into an instance, that user's Homepage will appear.  However, this behavior can be changed such that the most recently viewed Dashboard will appear instead.  This article will describe the steps to change this setting from HomePages to Dashboards (or back from Dashboards to HomePages) and what behavior this change will have on the instance.

Homepage view on login

This change is on an individual user basis. In other words, the steps described in this article will change the configuration only for the user who is performing the steps and will not cause any changes to the user preferences of any other users on the instance.


  1. Log in to the instance using the account for which you want to have Dashboards appear rather than Homepages on initial login.
  2. Click the cog icon in the upper right corner of the screen (Personalized User System Settings).
  3. Ensure to be viewing the General tab of the System Settings dialog box that appears.

    Personal system settings

    By default, for a new user, the Homepages radio button will be selected in the Home section.  If you want to have this changed to show Dashboards instead, change this radio button to read Dashboards.  If you are already showing Dashboards and you want to change this back to Homepages, ensure the Homepages radio button is selected in the Home section.  After making any changes to the settings click the X in the upper right corner to close the System settings dialog box.

  4. After making this change, the next time you log in to the instance, click the logo in the upper right corner of the instance, select the Home menu option (Favorites -> Home) or the Homepage menu option (Self-Service -> Homepage) you will be diverted to the last Dashboard which you have viewed on the instance.

Dashboard login view

Additional Notes and Information

As noted above, this change will only be visible for the individual logged in user who performs the actual setting change. The actual change is stored in a sys_user_preference record associated with that user with the name my_home_navigation_page which will have the value of $ if dashboards are the current setting. The last dashboard visited is stored in a sys_user_preference record associated with the user with the name

To set a global default for every user to use dashboards instead of the current default of Homepages, a global (no user account selected) User Preference with the name my_home_navigation_page with a value of $  If the user has modified this, that specific user's setting will take precedence over the global setting for that user when he/she logs in to the instance.

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