Customers are able to access UI11 after cancelling 'cancel_my_transaction' and reloading the page.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create and share a report that runs long enough to trigger cancel_my_transactions (example, list report on task that groups by parent and task type)
  2. Add the report to the application navigator using URL (from Arguments) using the report's share URL
  3. Click on the module link a few times, five should do
  4. Wait for the for prompt to cancel transactions and do it. Should get a blank page.

    Reloading the whole window will result in UI11 being rendered until logout.

    Expected behavior: UI11 should not be loaded instead of UI16.
    Actual behavior:  The user sees UI11.


Currently, the only way to correct this behavior is to completely log out of the instance and then log back in.

Related Problem: PRB1330012

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