• plugin is activated
  • The 'DescribeSnapshots' AWS action runs to get details of available EBS snapshots
  • All details are returned in a single large XML payload which is delivered back to the instance via an ecc_queue record - this payload can be many MB in size
  • The 'AWS ECS - DescribeSnapshots' sensor later runs to process the payload pulling it into heap on the corresponding application node
  • If the payload is large this can cause heap exhaustion / severe performance degradation on the corresponding application node
  • This large payload (and therefore heap exhaustion) can be avoided by adding 'MaxResults = 200' as an AWS Action Parameter to the 'DescribeSnapshots' AWS action

Steps to Reproduce

  • Run the 'AWS EC2 - DescribeSnapshots' probe / sensor in an environment with a large number of EBS snapshots
  • Confirm that the resulting payload is many Mb in size
  • Notice that the corresponding 'ASYNC: Discovery - Sensors' which runs to process the payload uses a large amount of heap


1. Access the AWS Action DescribeSnapshots:


2. Under related list AWS Action Parameter related list, add the following parameter: 

Parameter Name = MaxResults 
Default value = 200 

3. Update the form

Related Problem: PRB1329337

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