From an incident form when creating a request by clicking on the 'Create Request' UI action (context menu) does not link the newly created request to the Incident.


When the 'Use cart layout' field is set to false/unchecked, requests do not link to the incident.


- Create a brand new Catalog Item.
- Configured the form to show the 'Use Cart Layout' field on the form.
- Unticked or set the field to false.
- Open an existing Incident record, from the context menu click on 'Create Request', select the newly created Catalog Item, complete the fields and submit.
- The new request was not linked to the incident.



Additional Information

The linking happens only when the 'use cart layout' is true, this is documented here: 

There is an existing PRB (PRB1319193) which development have closed it with a reason of working as expected.

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Last Updated:2019-05-21 11:55:00