Upon upgrading to London, when you click on "Load all records" or "Test load 20 records" in a JDBC data source, the below error is thrown immediately. 

"Error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/jdbc/OracleResultSet"


Issue is seen in London and above.


Starting London, jar files are not shipped along with the MID server. When a JDBC import starts to load data, because the required Oracle JDBC jar file is missing, the NoClassDefFoundError error is thrown and the load fails. 


  1. Download the Oracle JDBC Driver JAR file from the official Oracle website. As of March 21, 2019, the latest Oracle JDBC Driver was ojdbc8.jar. 
  2. Login to the instance as admin. 
  3. Navigate to MID Server > JAR Files from the filter navigator. 
  4. Click on 'New'.
  5. Complete the following fields:
    1. Name: A unique and descriptive name for identifying the file in the instance.
    2. Version: A version number for the file, if one is available.
    3. Location: Location of the JAR file for reference purposes. Source information is not used by the system.
    4. Description: Short description of the JAR file and its purpose in the instance.
  6. Attach the JAR file downloaded in step 1 to this record.
  7. Click on 'Submit'.
  8. Restart the MID server(s). This step is important because this makes sure the JAR file is synchronized to all MID servers. 

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Install a driver on a MID server

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