Issue Description:
An error pops up when accessing Activity on ServiceNow Agent Mobile App if there are 'Sent/Received Emails' entries in the Activity Stream.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Log in as admin.
2. Open an incident record on the platform view.
3. Send an email.
4. Navigate to 'sys_email.list'.
5. Change the state of the email created just now to 'sent'.
6. The email record is in the Activity now.
7. Open ServiceNow Agent Mobile app.
8. Open the incident in step 2.
9. Select Activity.

Expected behavior
The Activity Entries should be showing on the Mobile APP.
Actual behavior
An error message pops up and all Activity Entries are not displayed.
Error Message:
- IOS: An error occurred while posting a document.
- Android: Could not load the document.



There is a possible workaround which will allow the Agent mobile app to render the Activity Stream for a record which contains Sent/Received Email activity entries. This involves customizing the fields which appear in the activity formatter so that Sent/Received Emails are not included. Please note, however, that this configuration would impact both the mobile UI as well as the desktop web UI. If is it necessary to see the Sent/Received Emails in the Activity Stream on the desktop web UI, this workaround should not be used. 

For information on how to configure the Activity Formatter, please refer to the Customize Activities section in the ServiceNow documentation for Activity Formatter. Following the procedure to Customize the fields that appear in the activity filter, shuttle Sent/Received Emails from Selected to Available in the slushbucket.


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Related Problem: PRB1332524

Seen In

Mobile Android EmployeeNOW 7.0.10
Mobile iOS EmployeeNOW 7.0.12

Fixed In

Madrid Patch 3 Hot Fix 2
Madrid Patch 4
New York

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