By default, the approval record displays predefined fields from the following tables:

  • change_request
  • sc_request
  • kb_knowledge

 If you want to modify the fields or add fields, you will need to edit the script which defines the way the card is displayed. 



To modify the Approval Record display:

  1. Select ITSN Virtual Agent Conversation application under Developer section from system setting gear on the top right corner of the page
  2. Navigate from the left panel to Collaboration > Virtual Agent > Designer
  3. Click Process Approval on the Topic page
  4. Click Edit topic flow button
  5. Click Display Task icon on the flow chat
  6. Click 
  7. The code for the record display starts at line 22 with  if (source_table == 'change_request')
  8. Modify the exiting fields or add new tables and fields 

For example:

For the table  kb_knowledge, by default, the following code defines the display format:

if (source_table == 'kb_knowledge')
fieldList = ['kb_knowledge_base', 'kb_category', 'short_description', 'valid_to','author','source'];

You can change the order of the fields or add more fields by reordering or adding field names to the fieldList code line. ( fieldList = ['kb_knowledge_base', 'kb_category', 'short_description', 'valid_to','author','source'];)

If you want to add a display a field from a table that is not defined in the script, for example the fields quantity and price from sc_req_item table, you can add the code into the script as follows:

else if (source_table == 'sc_req_item') {
fieldList = [''quantity', 'price']; 


Applicable Versions

London with ITSN Virtual Agent Conversation plugin installed on the instance


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:48:25