When using the MID server with a network proxy and making external SOAP/REST calls, we get a socket timeout error similar to " connect timed out when posting to"...URL.


MID server operations does not go through customer proxies as default, which is the point of internet access for their network. When a mid-server is installed to use proxy, the proxy is only used to retrieve the operations to execute.


To force the mid server operations to go through a proxy, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Go into the MID server record in MID Server -> Servers -> (Your MID server).

  2. On the 'Properties' tab, add 'glide.http.proxy_host' and 'glide.http.proxy_port'. If using a username and password for the proxy also add 'glide.http.proxy_username' and 'glide.http.proxy_password'. 

  3. Restart the MID server.

Below is a screenshot of example settings:

 MID Server proxy settings

Note: If you setup the proxy properties on the mid-server, all communications will go through the proxy, including to internal server ones.

Note: Busy proxies could cause connectivity problems for the mid server, especially on discovery operations.

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Last Updated:2020-10-15 19:29:21