Following errors in logs: 
SEVERE *** ERROR *** null:-1:-1: <null> No source to compile: file:/glide/nodes/<node>/webapps/glide/itil/WEB-INF/ui.jtemplates/magellan_create_favorites_modal.xml 


Found in Kingston Patch 12 and higher versions


The file for this error record is coming from 'glide.ui.magellan_navigator'. This is the "Megellan Navigator" plugin. Check if the plugin is active:


This plugin is usually installed as a prerequisite of the "Concourse Navpage" plugin. Check if this plugin is active:


This brings us to the actual issue. The "Concourse Navpage" plugin is a prerequisite for the "UI16" plugin:

UI16 is the default user interface for new instances. For upgraded instances, an administrator must activate UI16. But the errors appear when neither of the plugins are active on the an instance. 

The errors will continue until 'Concourse Navpage' plugin is activated on the instance. 


Activate one of the 3 plugins to fix the issue.

"Concourse Navpage [com.glide.ui.concourse]" plugin record can only be accessed with maint role.
If you want to get this plugin activated, you will need to raise a request through HI portal. Refer the following doc for information on Requesting a plugin on HI: 

Remaining two plugins can be activated by admin user. If you do not wish to activate UI16, you may activate the "Megellan Navigator" plugin instead.

Note: Always test a plugin on a sub-prod instance before installing it on production.

Additional Information

Refer the following doc for information on allowing/restricting users to switch between UI 15 and 16 (this can restrict only non-admin users): 

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