When trying to execute an asynchronous Outbound REST/SOAP message through MID Server, the error below is thrown if the response takes longer than 30 seconds (even when setting different timeout with waitForResponse() in your script):

No response for ECC message request with sysid=*** after waiting for 30 seconds in ECC Queue

Release or Environment

Madrid, Kingston P14, London P7, P8


These following two new properties were released on Madrid and back-ported to KP14, LP7,LP8:

  • glide.http.outbound.max_timeout
  • glide.http.outbound.max_timeout.enabled


To define a timeout longer than 30 seconds, set the glide.http.outbound.max_timeout.enabled system property to false and use the waitForResponse() method to set the timeout.

For examples, see Asynchronous RESTMessageV2 example and Asynchronous SOAPMessageV2 example.

NOTE: If glide.http.outbound.max_timeout.enabled is set to true and a value is passed in the waitForResponse() method, the system uses the smallest value from either the waitForResponse() method or the glide.http.outbound.max_timeout system property.

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