If a view rule is active, the pop-up displayed when hovering over a reference icon in a task form does not display its top section.


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Login a pre-Madrid instance as administrator.
  2. From a task form layout, i.e. Change Request, create a new view called "test".
  3. Under the view section, create two new:
         Section caption = "1", Add Active field
         Section caption = "2", Add Activity Due field
  4. Create a new view rule for the Change Request table with:
         Name = Standard Change Test
         Active = True
         Table = Change Request
         View = test
         Conditions = [Type] [is] [Standard]
  5. Go to the Change Request list and hover over a reference icon for a Standard change.
    Notice the top Change Request section is not visible, but either Section 1 or 2 are visible.
  6. De-activate the view rule created in step 4.
  7. Repeat step 5.
    Notice the top Change Request section.


This issue is fixed in Madrid. There is no workaround applicable. Please review the Fixed In section to determine the latest available patch your instance can be upgraded to.


Related Problem: PRB688111

Seen In

Geneva Patch 6
Helsinki Patch 2

Fixed In


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