The Insert/Modify dialog is used by TinyMCE with HTML/WIKI text fields. The dialog does not replace, preview, resize, or update images properly; and console errors are generated when updating an existing image.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Create/open KB article.
2. In TinyMCE, click 'Insert/edit image' icon.
3. Select Type = Image Library.
4. Select an image from the library. Attach.
5. Return to the record, select the image you added via Image Library in previous steps.
6. Click 'Insert/edit image' icon.

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Preview of image should be visible under Image field
ACTUAL BEHAVIOR: Preview is not shown

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Size is editable and save button is enabled
ACTUAL BEHAVIOR: Size is editable, but save button is greyed out

7. Select new image from magnifying glass

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Preview updates to new image and size is updated correctly
ACTUAL BEHAVIOR: Preview updates, but size is incorrect

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Should not see error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'value' of null
ACTUAL BEHAVIOR: See error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'value' of null


The following are other problem records reported that are considered duplicate of the this main problem:

PRB1313178: Insert/edit image not working properly at "Image Library" option in TinyMCE
PRB1312926: Insert/Edit image on Translated HTML field via Video Library method doesn't work in London
PRB1270404: In Kingston using [[image:picture.png]] tag to insert images into wiki article is not working as expected.
PRB1256403: Cannot add attachment images to wiki knowledge articles in Jakarta
PRB1247787: Knowledge Wiki Article Type attachments do not update when clicking "Replace Image..."


For HTML/TinyMCE issues with images, if the customer is on London prior to Patch 7 or on Madrid prior to Patch 1, you can load the newer version of the UI Page "html_insert_image_dialog", respectively.

For Wiki text field issues, unfortunately there are no workarounds.

For affected London releases prior to Patch 7, kindly download the XML file attached with name: "london_patch7_sys_ui_page_c20555420a0a0b1e00806f8e72e98c6a"

For upgrading to Madrid prior to Patch 1, kindly download the XML file attached with name: "madrid_patch1_sys_ui_page_c20555420a0a0b1e00806f8e72e98c6a"

Related Problem: PRB830143

Seen In


Intended Fix Version

New York

Fixed In

London Patch 7
Madrid Patch 1

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