The method does not save form changes when used in a client UI Action on a Project [pm_project] form.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login a London instance as administrator.
  2. Activate the Project Portfolio Suite with Financials [com.snc.financial_planning_pmo] plugin with demo data.
    2. Open any existing Project record.
    3. Right-click on the form header and select Configure > UI Actions.
    4. Click New.
    5. Complete the new UI action form using the following values:
    Name: SNC Test
    Table: Project [pm_project]
    Form button: checked
    Client: checked
    Onclick: saveChanges()
    function saveChanges() {
    g_form.setValue("description","SNC TEST");
    //gsftSubmit(null, g_form.getFormElement(), "save_reload_project_form");;
    6. Save the new record.
    7. Open any existing Project record.
    8. Click the Save Project UI Action. Notice the Description field value changes to "SNC TEST" but is not retained after the form refreshes.
    10. In the UI Action record, uncomment the line that begins with "gsftSubmit", and comment out the line ";".
    11. Test the Save Project UI Action again. Notice the updated Description value is saved as expected.


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As a workaround, consider one of the following described below.



The issue can be resolved by using server-side code to save, instead of using the client-side API ";".



  1. Open the 'Save' UI Action of the Project table "/" and change line 35 to use sysverb_update_and_stay as follows:
    gsftSubmit(null, g_form.getFormElement(), 'sysverb_update_and_stay');

  2. Add the below extra lines at the end after line 43:
if(typeof window == 'undefined')

function saveRecordAndReload() {


Related Problem: PRB1322807

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