When using List v3, if we have a dot walked List type field on the form with a reference qualifier, the reference qualifier is not being applied, and we get all the records from the table.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Login into Jakarta instance
2. Enable List v3
3. Create a dictionary entry of type "List" and Reference as "choice (sys_choice)" with reference qualifiers "table is sys_user and
element is current field's column_name"
4. Create couple of choices under Choices
5. Navigate to
6. configure form layout for section Planning, expand cab_delegate and add the above created dictionary field to
the form section eg:
7. Now in the change request under planning, click on magnifying glass for the List field added in above step

This will show you all results instead of the ones based on the reference qualifying filter from dictionary defined on the field.

Expected behavior: Reference qualifiers should be considered and only the choices configured should be shown

Issue is not reproducible when List v3 is disabled at instance level
Disabling List v3 at the table level is not honored


The workaround in this case will be to disable the List v3 plugin by setting theĀ glide.ui.list_v3.enable property to false.

Related Problem: PRB1238172

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