In the Service Portal, the "Catalog Home" button dialog that shows up when clicking "Add to Cart" from an Order Guide always redirects to sc_home instead of the Catalog Homepage you set in the portal record.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. On an affected instance
  2. Go to Service Portal
  3. Go to Service Catalog
  4. Search for the "New hire" Order Guide
  5. Fill mandatory info
    • Click Next
  6. Fill mandatory options
    • Click Next
  7. Select "Add to Cart"
  8. Select "Catalog Home"

Expected behavior: You will be redirected to the catalog home page defined in the portal record
Actual behavior: You are always redirected to sc_home


  1. Clone the SC Order Guide Widget
  2. Replace line 165 of the client controller script with:
    '?id=' + $

Related Problem: PRB1323339

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