No data is shown on the scorecard / dashboard for a particular breakdown in Performance Analytics even though there is data / scores in the system.

Go to Indicator scorecard > Breakdown tab > No elements are shown on selecting a breakdown from the dropdown.
You can see data in the table or on previewing breakdown source. However, elements are not shown on the scorecard / dashboard.

You can see a 404 not found error in browser console.

If scores are shown for individual elements on selecting one at each time from the element dropdown, check localhost logs. You might see a Null Pointer Exception logs.

2019-02-01 08:06:14 (702) Default-thread-9 7E8E9A66DB932B00E8A379531F961945 txid=e5fbfa2edbd3 SEVERE *** ERROR *** java.lang.NullPointerException
at com.snc.pa.Element.equals(Element.java:89)
at java.util.ArrayList.indexOf(ArrayList.java:321)
at java.util.ArrayList.contains(ArrayList.java:304)
at java.util.ArrayList.batchRemove(ArrayList.java:724)
at java.util.ArrayList.removeAll(ArrayList.java:694)
at com.snc.pa.ElementsDAO.getElementsOrTooManyElements(ElementsDAO.java:249)
at com.snc.pa.Scorecards.getElements(Scorecards.java:607)






1. Too many breakdown elements to be included in the data collection will result in a long URL issue, and doesn't show any elements for that particular breakdown on the scorecard. In this case, you cannot select an element from breakdown elements dropdown.

2. Element is empty (no name)


1. Look for the following PA property and update the value to a larger number than the number of elements shown on previewing the breakdown source.

2. Look for empty (no name) elements in the breakdown source table.

  • Navigate to breakdown source and click on Preview.
  • Sort by the name to see if there are any elements that are blank.
  • Update the element to have a name or delete it from the list.

Re-run the data collection job.

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