This article explains how to limit the number of records which are initially loaded when clicking or searching in a reference field on Service Portal.


Create the following property in the instance and set the value as needed:

Name: glide.service_portal.ac_max_search_matches
Type: integer
Value: <number_of_records_to_display>

Applicable Versions

  • Kingston Patch 11 and above
  • London Patch 4 and above
  • Madrid and above

Additional Information

  • Before Kingston Patch 11, London Patch 4 and Madrid, the default number of records displayed initially was 20.
  • After the above mentioned builds the default has been increased to 100 as a fix for PRB1291290
  • The property glide.service_portal.ac_max_search_matches is not in the database by default, hence the need to create it.
  • When using this property beware of the following, if the value is:
    • Too high, you'll impact performance.
    • Too low, users risk seeing "no matches found" if they don't have read rights to see the first N records returned from their query.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:49:19