'Weather Wigdet' does not work on Service Portal anymore

Steps to Reproduce


This issue is reproducible in Kingston, London and Madrid.

1. Add "Weather" widget to any page of Service Portal.
2. Enter 95054 for zipcode, press Go.

- There's following error:
"An error occurred while making the requested connection"
- The logs have following error:

2019-01-21 09:19:47 (740) Default-thread-92 E40EDEC313CB6F00E7D7BDB12244B03C txid=f743a64b13cb OUTBOUND_HTTP: protocol=HTTP/1.1 response_status=-1 response_time=13 request_length=0 response_length=-1 app_scope=global session_id=E40EDEC313CB6F00E7D7BDB12244B03C transaction_name="#41986 /api/now/sp/rectangle/d1cf778213c7eb00e7d7bdb12244b0a5" user_name=roma.solanki@snc mid_server= source_table= source_record= method=GET log_level=Basic scheme=https path=/v1/public/yql url= response_body="[ERROR CODE: -1 ]"

It looks like the Yahoo API is not working:

Actual behavior:
Weather widget is not functional.

Expected behavior:
The weather widget displays weather of the entered zipcode.


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