This article goes over information regarding how to utilize the chat_queue_entry table to report off of many relevant information regarding connect support process flow which includes things like average wait time, time when a chat was accepted by agent, when a chat was closed, etc.


1) Navigate to chat_queue_entry.LIST

2) Personalize the list columns to add in fields that are relevant. Here are some examples:

Queue: The chat queue used

Duration: How long the whole conversation took (only gets populated after chat is closed)

Wait time: How long it took for the user to wait until chat was accepted by the agent

State: The current state of the chat entry

Created: When the user initiated the chat

Opened: Same as Created field

Actual start: When the chat was accepted by the agent

Actual end: When the chat was closed

Closed: Same as Actual end

3) Based on these a report can be created for this table reporting off of these columns.

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