With the general greater functionality of Dashboards over the older Homepages, many users may like to create a Dashboard version of existing Homepages they may have on the instance.  This capability does exist and this article will detail the steps on how this can be done.


In order for a user to have access to create a Dashboard copy of an existing Homepage, there are a few requirements:

  1. The user must either have admin rights on the instance or the currently logged in user must be shown in the User field for that Homepage record.  Otherwise the option to create the Homepage will not appear.
  2. In order to be able to have a Dashboard version of a Homepage created, the Homepage must be one that shows on the list from the page on the instance.  Most homepages will conform to this requirement, but special UI Page homepages may not be found in that menu and thus will be unable to be copied as a Dashboard.
  3. Responsive Dashboards must be enabled on the instance.  If Responsive Dashboards are not yet activated on the instance and you want to activate them, please see the Docs site article (Enable Responsive Dashboards) which describes how to so activate Responsive Dashboards on an instance.

User field populated


Once determined that a particular Homepage can be copied as a Homepage by a specific user, the following steps can then be followed to create the actual Dashboard copy of that same Homepage.

Log into the instance with an account having the rights to copy that particular Homepage.

Open the Homepage that you intend to copy for viewing or editing on the instance.

Click the cog icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Options menu for Dashboard

This will cause a pop-up menu to appear with a button at the top labeled "Create Dashboard Version".  Click this Create Dashboard Version button.

A dialog box will appear with the available options regarding the Dashboard to create.

Dashboard Dialog Box

Select the appropriate radio button for the creation of the Homepage data to a Dashboard based on where the objects from this Homepage should be added.

The Create new dashboard option will create a new Dashboard record containing the Dashboard version of this Homepage.

The Add to existing dashboard option will add the objects that are contained on this Homepage directly to an existing dashboard as a new tab on the selected Dashboard.  Thus, the appropriate Dashboard for which the objects should be added must be selected from the pull down menu.  Note that only dashboards for which the currently logged in user has ownership of will appear in this list.

After selecting the appropriate option, click the Create button to create the Dashboard copy of the Homepage.  Clicking the Cancel button will not create the copy and return to the Homepage view.

After a moment the display will change to the new Dashboard view of the Homepage and a message will momentarily appear near the top of the screen indicating that the view is now showing the Dashboard version of the Homepage.

Dashboard view message

The new Dashboard will generally be given a name that is the same as the Title of the Homepage from which it was copied from, even if a Dashboard of that name is already found on the instance.

Dashboard version of Homepage

Important Details

There are several notes to keep in mind regarding this process and the resulting Dashboard copy of the Homepage:

The original Homepage is not removed from the instance or altered in any way.  A new Dashboard object containing the data from the Homepage is simply added to the instance.

The Homepage and Dashboard copy are not associated objects.  In other words, any change to the original Homepage will not appear on the Dashboard and changes to the Dashboard will not appear on the original Homepage.

The copied Dashboard contains all the objects from the source Homepage but does not include any of the permissions of that original Homepage.  Thus, all permissions for the new Dashboard must be configured as needed.

Not all objects displayed may render in exactly the same on a Dashboard as from a Homepage (particularly data generated from a style sheet or that included from on page scripts).  Thus, ensure to review the new Dashboard thoroughly before sharing it.

If a Homepage record is opened for which there is an accessible Dashboard copy, a new button will appear in the dashboard view.  This button will be labeled Open Dashboard Version.  Clicking this button will open the most recent Dashboard copy of this Homepage.

Homepage view

Additional Information

The following Docs site provides a brief description of these procedures to create a Dashboard copy of a Homepage on an instance:

Create a dashboard version of a homepage


This Doc site article details the differences between Homepages, Responsive Dashboards and Non-responsive Dashboards:

Differences between homepages and responsive and non-responsive dashboards

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