This article talks about some basic information on setting up push notifications from an email notification for groups or members of a group.


If you desire to send out push notifications on mobile devices in addition to an email notification for any event like task assigned to a group or change commented on, this can be done in the following manner.

  1. Open the Email Notification record
  2. Add an existing Push Message record to the 'Push Messages' field
  3. Under the Who will receive section, you can add certain groups to the 'Groups' field or you can add 'Assignment group' field to the 'Users/Groups in fields' field

Now whenever the trigger event for the email notification is performed, the Push Message will be sent out along with the email notification.

Important Note:

There can be a case where the Push Notification configured above is not sent out to some of the groups and this can be caused because of the Group Email field on the 'sys_user_group' record.

If the group email is filled in for the corresponding sys_user_group record and there isn't a mobile device set up for that email, the push notification (push message) is not sent out with the email notification.

If the group email field is empty, the notification, as well as the Push Message attached to it, are supposed to be sent to the group members as well as the group manager. If those members and the manager have a mobile device set up to receive the push notifications, the push message is sent out and an entry can be seen the Push Notifications system logs.

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