With Performance Analytics Premium plugin, instance can be set up to collect text analytics data. An admin user can run initial text analytics collection following the text analytics set up instructions as provided in the documentation Here.

After the initial collection, admin role user can also set up Performance Analytics collection jobs to collect the text analytics data on a scheduled basis. 


How to Find Collected Text Index Data

This knowledge article provides users general information on how/where to find the text indexes collected during the collection.


Navigate to Performance Analytics Text Index Congurations[pa_text_index_configurations] table by clicking on application menu,  Performance analytics->Text Analytics ->Setup. Here a user will see all the records based on the set up for text index collection after the first setup instructions are finished.
Click open the record to view the text index configuration and other details. The record would look like below, with the choice to use system stop words. By default, this option is checked on the new text index configurations. More on the use of stop words during text index collection can be found in the documentation here.
In the related list tabs, a tab called "Performance Analytics Text Indexe..." is available for review. This is the list of records when the Performance analytics job collection has been executed and collected text indexes data for above set up. 
Click open any of these records to see the details of the text indexes collected. By default, the text indexes are stored as attachments and the created/updated dates in the table [pa_text_indexes] will always show the first time this record was collected. DO NOT modify the contents of this file. This might lead to unexpected behavior on text widgets set up in the instance.  Additionally, deleting this file, will delete the text index collection for the day and will need to be recollected. 
** NOTE: Even if a user runs a historic collection for past 90 days, the created and updated column fields will not get updated for records on pa_text_indexes  table. The application only deletes the attachment text index file and re-inserts as part of the job collection. To see that the new file has been added, an admin user can look through the sys_attachment table to confirm the newer file was created at the same time the historic job collection was run. 

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