Using the method promoteColumn() does not make any changes to the table structure.


Starting with London release, this method no longer works and has been blacklisted.

A method would be blacklisted if its found to have any security issues or its use can have adverse effects on the instance.

The method promoteColumn() is not documented as part of ServiceNow documentation and hence we do not support and strongly advice against the usage of it


To promote a field to the parent table you can either:

  • create a new field directly on the parent table and use it as an alternative OR
  • delete the column from the child table and recreate it in the parent table. The recommended way would be to: 
    • Copy data to a staging table via script or export it to CSV or Excel as a backup before deleting the current field. 
    • Delete the field and re-create it where required. 
    • Depending on how you backed up the data, you can run a script to copy it from the staging table or use transform maps to import it from exported files. 

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