On the cmdb_ci form, if there is a relationship setup for the conigurations item (CI), system will display the relationship in the "CI Relations" formatter as shown in the below screenshot,

In general this "CI Relationships" formatter is visible only to the users with one of the role ITIL / Asset / Admin. 

This article will brief how to extend the visibility of this "CI Relations" formatter to other roled users.


  • The "CI Relations" formatter is controlled by the read ACL's on cmdb_rel_ci and cmdb_rel_type tables.
  • In order to grant access to other roled users, either add one of their role to the read ACL's condition of cmdb_rel_ci and cmdb_rel_type tables. OR grant the user with ITIL / Asset role.

Applicable Versions

Any supported release. 

Additional Information

CICI Relationships in the CMDB

Create an ACL

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Last Updated:2019-06-03 12:38:52