A reconciliation definition on table cmdb_ci_db_mssql_instance allows only data source 'ServiceWatch' to update the following columns/fields/attributes - tcp_port, instance_name, install_directory, version, edition. This is not desirable for customers who do not use ServiceMapping, as the rule prevents horizontal discovery (ServiceNow) from updating these fields in spite of a successful discovery.

The problem was introduced in Jakarta release when the reconciliation rules on cmdb_ci_db_mssql_instance were modified as a fix for PRB881286.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Manually edit value of field like tcp_port of an mssql_instance.
  2. Run horizontal discovery (probes/pattern).
  3. Notice that the field is not updated with correct value although discovery is successful.


  1. An additional reconciliation definition/rule exists on cmdb_ci_db_mssql_instance for attribute ‘name’ that data source ServiceNow (Discovery) is exclusively authorized to update. 
  2. Modify this rule to include attributes such as tcp_port, instance_name, install_directory, version, edition

Related Problem: PRB1329036

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London Patch 9
Madrid Patch 3
New York

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