"Set default knowledge field values" feature/fields does not behave the same as a Template. Using HTML for the Text field renders properly with a Template, but not the default values on a Knowledge Base record.

Steps to Reproduce

  • From a Knowledge Base record, go to "Set default knowledge field values", choose "Text", and enter HTML (see attached "Knowledge Base with defaults.png").
  • Create a template for a KB article with the same HTML from above (see attached "Template setup.png").
  • Create a new KB article and set the "Knowledge base" field to the Knowledge Base from above. A dialog will appear to confirm that you want to set the default values. Note: This dialog is very messy/busy when HTML is in the Text field. (see attached "Default value dialog.png"). Click "OK".
  • The KB article's text field is populated with the HTML in the field, rather than the formatted text (see attached "Defaults applied.png")
  • Apply the template created above. The "Text" field shows the formatted text (see attached "Template applied.png"). I 


Use the platform's template feature (Toggle bar) instead:


or upgrade to a version where fix is available

Related Problem: PRB654629

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Fuji Patch 10

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