When allocations are created via the create allocation remediation option, allocation condition is not considered which can sometimes lead to the error "Selected Entitlement does not match your entitlement condition". The application should create allocations only on entitlements when the allocation condition is met.

Steps to Reproduce

(a). Software Model has multiple entitlements with Per Device license metric 
(b). One entitlement has allocation condition, e.g. Department = IT 
(c). License metric result has some devices with installation but no allocation 
(d). Not all the devices can match the allocation condition, e.g. Department = IT 

When conditions are met, some devices can not be allocated with "Create Allocation" remediation action. They always generate error "Selected Entitlement does not match your entitlement condition", even if other entitlements are available and have no condition.


Before the fix code for PRB1326889 is available, the workaround is going to Device Allocate tab in available Software Entitlement and then manually add devices there

Related Problem: PRB1326889

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