When allocations are created on the entitlements, in addition to entering the Allocated To, the customer can also select the Software Model. Typically, the Software Model selected on the allocation is the same as the software model of the entitlement. If there are downgrades on the entitlement, the value can be different.

We have seen cases where the allocation's software model doesn't point to the entitlement's software model or any of its downgrades. This will result in the allocation not being used during reconciliation.

This can be reproduced if customers are entering allocations for 2 different software models at the same time.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Enter allocations for 2 different software models at the same time.
  2. Verify in allocations (alm_entitlement_asset) if the software model field is actually pointed to the right software model. When the software model is incorrect the reconciliation result would not consider it as allocated.


There are two options to fix the allocations:


  1. Delete the incorrect allocations and create them again
  2. The following example script can be used to correct the allocations (TEST):


var grr = new GlideRecord('alm_entitlement'); 

// 'a3f60692db6cdf00b5ffa2364b96195e' is the sys_id of the right Software Model

grr.addQuery('licensed_by.model', 'a3f60692db6cdf00b5ffa2364b96195e'); 
grr.addQuery('allocated_model', '!=', 'a3f60692db6cdf00b5ffa2364b96195e'); 
grr.setValue('allocated_model', 'a3f60692db6cdf00b5ffa2364b96195e'); 
NOTE: this is only a Sample script, please make sure you have understood the script and made according changes before applying to your instance! 


Related Problem: PRB1326884

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