If the following conditions are met:


  1. The date format is set to DD-MM-YY (via system property glide.sys.date_format)
  2. In the Software Entitlement record (alm_license), License duration is set to "Subscription"

The end date cannot accept any date after the 12th of any month, also generates error "the end date must be greater than the start date".

Steps to Reproduce

1. Set system date format to dd/mm/yy (glide.sys.date_format)
2. Navigate to Software Asset Management > Software Entitlements, then select any Entitlement i.e. Microsoft Project 2010 Standard
3. Ensure License durartion = Subscription
4. Try to change the end date to anything after the 12th day of any month, date validation would fail.


The issue is caused by an internal API Date.parse() which supports only ISO format and cannot work with date format DD-MM-YY. We can use API getDateFromFormat() instead to validate the date.

As a workaround, the client script "License duration end date" and "License duration start date" are updated to use the new API to fix the issue. Both client script xml files are attached.

Related Problem: PRB1317714

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