ATF Test Result getting failed when using Navigate to Module -->Connect Chat


ATF test is failing while there is no issue with performing it manually. The test only has two steps: Impersonating a user and opening the Connect Chat module 


1) Go to Automated Test Framework --> Tests and click on New 
2) Enter Name as required like "Need to Connect Chat" and Save 
3) Now click on "Add Test Step" under Test Steps Related List. 
4) Click on Impersonate and Enter Execution Order=1 and User=John Adams. Click on Submit 
5) Again click on "Add Test Step" under Test Steps Related List for another execution. 
6) Click on Application Navigator --> Navigate to Module-->Next 
7) Enter Execution Order =2 and Module=Connect Chat. Click Submit. 
8) Save the Test and click on "Run Test".Connect Chat is Opened successfully. 
9) If you will go to Test Result, it is failed with an below error. 

"Client test runner closed or navigated away while step was running. If this was not intentional, it may have been caused by opening a page with a framebuster. Pages with framebusters are not currently testable" 

Additional Information

Testing the Connect Chat module is not supported. It has a framebuster that reloads the entire page, so it is not compatible with the Client Test Runner. 

The 'Additional Considerations' section on the 'Navigate to Module' step explains that these types of modules are not supported. See screenshot

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:50:30