The information provided in this KB details how to restore a deleted field. Attached in this KB will be a link to Product Documentation that goes more into depth on the new features which makes the process of undeleting records much more simple.

Product Documentation: "Use the Deleted Records Module to restore a deleted record" 




A manual deletion of a field is when the user goes to the field record and deletes the record themselves either through the means of the delete UI Action or via through script.


If a customer manually deletes a field and there is no attached data associated with that field, there are three options to consider to restore these fields.

Option 1: The Deleted Records Module can be used to restore a deleted record starting in London. (Link)
Option 2: Simply recreate the field that was deleted
Option 3: There is a sys_metadata_delete (Deleted Applications File) table that may contain the missing data for the deleted field. You can simply find the records thats were deleted and restore the files for that record

Example: User/Admin creates a field called VIP Flag. After creation the user/admin realizes that they no longer need the field and decided to delete it. The steps to restore through this procedure is as follows

1. Go to sys_metadata_delete.list (Deleted Applications File) in the Filter Navigator

2. Query where name = 'Display name of deleted field' (In this case it is VIP Flag) and click on the Dictionary Entry record 

3. Find the 'Restore File' UI Action and click on it

4. Confirm the restoration of this deleted field.

If a customer manually deletes a field and there is attached data associated with that field, contact support.

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