OOB, in general the model DisplayName is calculated based on model version, manufacturer, platform, location etc. Sometimes, the model displayname is not in sync with the original name and manufacturer (what it is supposed to be). 


All releases.


This field (display_name) on model form is readonly. The model's displayname is calculated from the fields "manufacturer, name, edition, version, location, language and platform" by the business rule "Calculate display_name" under certain conditions like one of the above fields changes. 

Business Rule: Calculate display_name 
Conditions: if any of the fields changes including manufacturer, name, edition, version, location, language or platform etc.

But, some manual updates or background/fix scripts set this field incorrectly.


To resolve the issue, update one of the fields that can trigger this business rule so that it will take care updating the displayname properly. Or simply update the name field with some extra character at the end, save it and then put the original value and save.

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