"IP Address" field is not getting set with correct IP for CI with multiple IP addresses.

Logic used by Discovery to "IP Address" value on CI and Network Adapter Card

The fact that Docker is installed on the device is not meaningful here.

There are two scenarios.

=> When there are multiple IP addresses with each one configured for a different Network Adapter (thus different MAC address).

Discovery of the source target when the IP address is already set in the Configuration Item (CI) will not update the IP address if it is found in the Identification network payload that the original IP address is still enabled on the source target even though the original IP address was not the most source recent source target of the scan. In order to update it, the other IP address must be disabled on the source target or the ip_address field of the CI can be cleared and then re-scan using the preferred target.

=> When there multiple IP addresses configured on the same Network Adapter Card.

Discovery allows only one IP address per MAC in the Network Adapter record. Discovery does not allow many (IP addresses) to one (NIC) records to be created and then related to a CI. When this happens the eventual result will be the first IP address listed will be the one finalized for the CI ip_address field.

Both scenarios are out of the box (OOTB) behavior.



This is an example for the second scenario mentioned.

Note the same MAC address but multiple IP addresses returned in the payload.

=> "00:50:52:f9:8a:a3" = "00:50:52:f9:8a:a3" 

"Linux - Identity" Network Adapter Payload snippett:



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