There are issues with tiny_url support for event management dashboard, while opening the alerts. The system property "glide.tinyurl.minEncodedLength" controls when URLs in related lists will be shortened via the TinyURL engine.  This was implemented basically because in the past, some users using legacy versions of Internet Explorer were having problems opening longer links.  Modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge will not run into this issue, as the URL character limit for these browsers is 64k or above. 

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to the Event Management Dashboard.
2. Hover over various alerts until the url shows that it is a tiny url (sysparm_tiny).
3. Click on the alert.
4. It will not display.


  • The valid workaround/fix is to create and set the system property "glide.tinyurl.minEncodedLength" of 'integer' type to a value of 64000. 
  • Please add/update the above property in sys_properties table, and this should resolve the issue 

Related Problem: PRB1321387

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