Under MID server record in the "MID server issues" tab you see the following error:

"Could not decrypt file discovery whitelist after sync"


Cause 1:

This happens when the MID server tries to decrypt files that are trying to be synced from the instance before it had a chance to be validated. 

Cause 2:

The issue is caused by the fact that the instance will return nothing if the plugin "com.snc.discovery.file_based_discovery" doesn't have a license and the code on the mid server doesn't handle the error correctly, so that the error message is misleading. 

Please take a look at the sys_web_service script GetMIDInfo. When MID server starts, it will send a SOAP request to instance asking for updating file discovery whitelist. The request will be handled by the following function in GetMIDInfo: 

function updateFileDiscoveryWhitelist() { 
var havelicense = sn_lef.GlideEntitlement.hasBetaLicenseForApp('com.snc.discovery.file_based_discovery'); 
if (!havelicense) { 
response.midInfo = null; 

var agent = request.agent; 
var doc = MIDServerInfoAccessor.updateFileDiscoveryWhitelist(agent); 

response.midInfo = doc; 

Since there is not license for this, it returns a response with a **empty** midInfo and the MID server will see that as a mid server issue. This mid server issue is annoying but can be ignored. 



1) Make sure the MID server is validated

2) Manually resolve the Issue on the instance

3) Restart the MID server, the issue should not comeback anymore


1) On the script comment out the license verifying code to work around it. (Please note the update to this file during platform upgrades might be skipped)


Add a business rule to ecc_agent_issue (MID server issues) table to automatically change the state of that particular error message to 'Resolved' so it does not appear on the MID issue list as a 'New' issue any longer. 


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