From Jakarta, the extension model used by the CMDB hierarchy has been changed to the Table-Per-Partition model. 

Using GlideTableParentChange API to move a standalone TPC table into a hierarchy using the Table-Per-Partition model, or moving a table in a TPP hierarchy to a non-TPP table is not supported.

While the use of this API works with the Task Table-per-Hierarchy extension model, and between standalone tables, this is an undocumented and unsupported API. The API is listed in the Packages Call Replacement Script Objects there is this warning:

Note: The publication of this list does not imply that these scriptable objects are for use by customers, consultants, and partners. The use of the Glide prefix does not imply that these scriptable objects are in the same category as or have the same status as objects such as GlideRecord. Except where documentation is provided elsewhere on the ServiceNow Wiki, these undocumented APIs are not intended for general use, and ServiceNow, Inc., does not make any commitment to documenting them, answer questions about them, or maintain them indefinitely in their current form. Over time, ServiceNow, Inc., intends to migrate a subset of the functionality represented by these objects into the documented API and remove the rest. 

Important Note: The CMDBUtil.reParentTable API documented here calls the GlideTableParentChange object and therefore will encounter the same issues when used on a table in a Table-Per-Partition hierarchy. 

Steps to Reproduce

Use the either GlideTableParentChange.change() or CMDBUtil.reParentTable() API calls to reparent a table from outside a Table-Per-Partition (TPP) hierarchy to a parent within the hierarchy, or move a table out of the TPP hierarchy.


There is no workaround, do not use either GlideTableParentChange.change() or CMDBUtil.reParentTable() to re-parent a table either out of or into a Table-Per-Partition hierarchy.

This behavior could not be reproduced in OOB instances. It could be due to customization or a missed upgrade on a particular instance, or a not fully known or documented design. If you are experiencing this problem, contact ServiceNow Technical Support.

Related Problem: PRB1106906

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