To setup more than one list of Close Codes/Resolution Code for Incidents and how choice list can be changed depending on the Category field in the incident


We can implement this requirement using the below steps. 
1. Navigate to any incident. Right Click on the Close Codes/Resolution Code Field. Select Configure dictionary. 
2. Click on the 'Advanced View' related link in the form 
3. You will Notice 'Dependent Field' Tab. Check the 'Use dependent field' 
4. Select Category as the value for 'Dependent on field' 
5. Navigate to the choices tab in the sys dictionary of 'Close Codes/Resolution Code' 
6. You can see the existing choices. For the existing and the new choices which you are going to create for Close Codes, please add the category value to the 'dependent value' field on the choices. 
7. Example: There is 'Solved (Work Around)' choice on the Close Codes/Resolution Code field. If we want this choice to appear on the Close Codes/Resolution Code field when we select 'hardware' as our category in the incident, 

Please add the dependent value as 'hardware'. Now based on the category value you select on the incident the Close Codes/Resolution Code choices will appear 

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:51:11