The UI policy works fine when the condition based on Date variable is True. But when the condition is False, reverse if false is not triggered. The issue is reproducible with OOB date format.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Go to any London instance
2) Open the incident form from native UI and create two fields: one of type Date(test1) and one of type String(test2).
3) Create a UI policy with the following details
Conditions: test1 is not empty
Reverse if false: True
4) Create a UI policy action for the test2 variable. Read-only is true and everything else Leave alone.
5) Test on the incident form that this UI policy is working as expected. Make sure the UI policy triggers when the condition is both true or false(Reverse if false).
6) Now go to Service portal and open an incident form. Test the UI policy

Notice that the test2 variable becomes read-only when the condition becomes True. Now clear off the value in test1.

Expected result: The variable test2 should be in write based on the UI policy condition.

Actual result: The variable test2 will be in Read-only even though test1 is empty


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