In Service Catalog -> When a Variable Set contains ONLY one Variable and the Variable has the same 'Internal name' as the Variable Set, he Variable value does not get passed to the RITM. This issue is reproducible in London Patch 2 version.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Navigate to London Patch 2 instance
2) Create a Catalog Item (Fill in any details)
3) Create a Variable Set on the Catalog Item
4) Name the variable set Customer with 'Internal name' = 'customer'
5) Add one Variable to the Variable Set (Variable type doesn't seem to matter - tested with Reference and Single Line Text)
6) Set the Variable's 'Internal name' = 'customer'
7) Test ordering the Catalog Item
8) Fill in the 'customer' variable
9) See that information is not passed to Request Item


change the 'Internal name' of the Variable inside your 'Customer' Variable Set for Catalog Item
As long as the Variable has a different 'Internal name' to the Variable Set, then you should see that the information is passed correctly to the Request Item

Related Problem: PRB1319765

Seen In

London Patch 2

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