Connecting to ServiceNow Instance via Equinix Cloud Exchange


ServiceNow recommends connectivity via Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX). Our physical Equinix locations in the US are in Ashburn and Silicon Valley, but we are reachable from any Equinix facility globally. Customer will need to to follow below steps:

  • If you are not already tied into ECX then you will need to reach out to your Equinix Account Manager to discuss physical ports. After that, you can fill out a form on the Equinix website to get the logical connection to ServiceNow to get started.

  • Make sure that if you have any network ACLs in place in your current network setup to allow access to ServiceNow instance's IP address then you have to do the same on the Equinix side. 

Other than this, there are no special instructions to connect to ServiceNow instance via ECX. 

NOTE: You can get the IP information of the instances using KB0538621

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Please refer KB0547560 to review what all ServiceNow Data Center regions provide Equinix connections.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 20:51:15