Build information: Issue is reproducible in Jakarta

Issue Description: When using the new report designer UI a value cannot be selected for a reference field in a filter condition. Instead, a dot-walked value must be used instead.

Note: Issue only occurs for reference fields that have a Choice value of "Dropdown with -- None --" defined in its dictionary record.

Steps to Reproduce

1. In a Jakarta instance open the report designer (Reports > Create New)
2. From the "Source type" select "Table"
3. From the "Table" menu select "Password Reset Verification Type [pwd_verification_type]
4. Click the filter icon to create a new filter condition
5. Select "Enrollment check" from the field dropdown menu
6. Select "is" from the operator dropdown menu

Expected behavior: Filter condition value field should be a refernce lookup as in previous version

Actual behavior: Filter condition value field only takes a string and even using a valid value (ex. "PwdAlwaysEnrolled") will not return the correct results. User must select a dot-walked field (ex. "Enrollment check . Display name" or "Enrollment check . Name") to get the expected results.


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