This article explains another detail to take into consideration when creating a Database view: the Variable prefix field is case sensitive and uppercase characters will affect the outcome of the view. 

Variable prefix in a Database View

View Tables are created to specify the tables which will be part of the join(s) in a Database View.

A Variable prefix is added to the View table record in order to refer to this table in the Where clause conditions of the join(s).

We should only use lowercase characters in the Variable prefix. Using uppercase characters may prevent us from viewing the Database view in a list. The position of the uppercase character (whether it is the first character in the prefix, in the middle, or the very last character) is not relevant for this limitation.



The image below provides an example of the correct way to assign a Variable prefix: inc 

If the Variable prefix would have been Inc, iNc, inC or any other value containing an uppercase character, the resulting list of the database view table would not display correctly.


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