There can be a case where an administrator wants all users in the instance to use the system's default list layout for a particular table list instead of having each user uses his/her own personalized list layouts. This article details the steps that can be taken to reset all (or specific) users' personalized list layouts so they will use the system default one instead.


  1. Navigate to System UI > Views.
  2. Find the desired list view (i.e. Title = Default view) and open that particular record.
  3. On this record there are four related lists (Forms, Form Sections, Lists, Related Lists). Click on the "Lists" one.
  4. Filter the list by the desired table (i.e. incident).
  5. The records returned are all records that store each user's personalized list layout for this particular table and list view.
  6. Delete the user specific ones but make sure to leave 1 record where User field is empty (this is the system default one).
  7. Perform (either by typing in the filter navigator or through the URL, to clear the list cache.
  8. The next time the users log in and view the specific list they should be using the system's default list layout instead of their previous personalized list layouts.

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