Any report from within a ServiceNow instance can be configured in such a way that it can be accessed from anyone who has Internet access.  This is done through the publication of a report.  This article will describe the steps that can be used to publish or unpublish a report from an instance using the Report Designer interface.

Before publishing a given report, however, there are a few things which should be carefully considered regarding accessibility to the report, including the following:

Once a report is published, the report URL can then be accessed by anyone with Internet access.  No login or credentials are required, and thus publication can be used to provide access to data to those who do not necessarily have an account on the instance from which the data is stored and obtained.  With that in mind, the report should reviewed to ensure it does not contain any data which should not be available to those without the proper permissions on an instance.  See the following Knowledge article regarding permissions and accessibility of a published ServiceNow report:

Published Reports and Data Security


If an administrator determines that a particular report is safe for publication, the following steps can be used to thus publish a report on the instance:

Publishing a Report

Before actual publication the report should be reviewed to ensure it contains the necessary information and also that it contains no proprietary or information that otherwise should not necessarily be accessible on the public Internet.  Once the report is considered ready for publication, perform the following steps:

Log into the instance with an account having the necessary permissions to access and publish that specific report.  This will generally require either the admin or report_admin role, or both the report_publisher and report_user roles.

Using the menu navigator browse to the following location on the instance: Reports -> View / Run.

From the report lists, locate and open for editing the report you intend to publish.

On the report display, locate the Sharing icon which is located towards the upper-right side of the report display and click that icon.

Report sharing icon

A list of sharing options for the report will display.

From this list, select the option titled Publish.

Immediately after selecting this option, the report will now be published using a special URL.

A report that is published will display the link icon.

Shared report icon

To obtain the link for distribution to those who will need to view this report, this same link icon should be clicked.  Doing so will copy the full report URL into the system clipboard.

The format of this URL will be similar to the following:


Where <Instance_Name> corresponds to the Instance from which the report is shared from and <SYS_ID> corresponds to the unique system identifier associated to that report.

Once published, this URL becomes a publicly accessible link to which anyone can access without needing a login to that instance.  Note that there are certain restrictions on data as given in the KB Article as listed above.

The report is displayed using current values as pulled directly from the source tables on the instance and the report will remain published and publicly accessible until that same report is unpublished or deleted from the instance.


Unpublishing a Report

If found that a report should no longer be publicly accessible as a published report, the following steps can be performed to unpublish that report on that instance:

Log into the instance with an account having the necessary permissions to access the report record.  This will generally require admin or report_admin rights, or both report_publisher and report_user roles.

Using the menu navigator browse to the following location on the instance: Reports-> View / Run.

Locate the specific report for which you want to unpublish in the list and open this report for editing.

Locate the Sharing icon for this report which is usually found near the upper right corner in the new Report UI, and click this icon.

A list of sharing options will then appear.

Click the option titled Unpublish.

Unpublishing a published report

This will immediately unpublish the report and the previously shared URL will no longer be valid for access to the published report.

Applicable Versions

These steps are specific to Publishing and Unpublishing a report in the new Report Designer User Interface.

The steps to publish or unpublish a report in the older, report Builder interface are detailed in the following article:

How to Publish or Unpublish a Report (Report Builder Interface)

Additional Information

It can easily be determined if a report on an instance is published.  Simply open the report record for editing.  If the report shows the "Copy Report Link" icon towards the upper right corner of the display, the report is published.  In the absence of such an icon, the report is not currently published.

Published Report icon

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