In Internet Explorer 11, when selecting start and end dates in a virtual agent conversation, the widget would randomly set different dates from those the user selects.


Steps to Reproduce


1. Activate the following plugins:

  • com.glide.cs.chatbot
  • com.sn_hr_virtual_agent

2. Add the "Virtual Agent Service Portal Widget" to the hrsp_index page.

3. Activate and publish the "Request for Leave" topic.

4. Login the instance using IE11.

5. Go to HR portal homepage, i.e /hrsp.

6. Open the virtual agent and choose "Request for Leave" as topic.

7. Choose any valid start and end dates, i.e. 14 Jan 2019 - 18 Jan 2019, and observe the actual dates set after closing the calendar widget.


This issue is fixed in London Patch 7 and Madrid. There is no workaround applicable in IE11.

Related Problem: PRB1322700

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